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1922 (2014, 12min)
Tsunami (2014, 7 min)
Express/Local (2014, 20min)
Line Is A Curve That Cannot Breathe (2014, 7min)

* Work In Progress (2014 - Present)

Pavilion (2015, 3min)

Open Air (2015, 22min)
My Life In Google (2015, 24min)
Shared Grief (2015, 23min)
a ballad for the female cow (2016, 7min)

Grand Celebration (2016, 13min)

Pontchartrain (2016, 7min)

Tomorrow Never Knows (2017, 93min)

hours at sea (2019, 10min)

36 Hours (2019, 74min)

shift change (2020, 2min)

Lonely Is Her Great Age (2020, 10 min)

Really Good Friends (2022, 10 min)

* The Flamingo 

* Untitled Clifftop Documentary




Mutton (Jessica Asceti, 2014, 12min)

Pow Wow (Robinson Devor, 2016, 75min)

Katie Carter And The Black Robinhood (John Richie, 2019)

American Sector (Pacho Velez, Courtney Stephens, 2020)

Paused (Alex Giordano, 2021)

Iron Sharpens Iron (John Richie, 2022)

To The Bone (Andy Sarjahani, 2022)

* Cowboys (Grace Remington)

* You Can't Win (Robinson Devor)

* Untitled Sarah Jane Moore Project (Robinson Devor)


Unbreakable Ones Pt 1:Hallie (Alice Gosti, 2014, 8min)

Skin (Catherine Cartwright, 2016, 10min loop)

Some Day (Shannon Stewart, 2020, 8min)

Out In The Ring (Ryan Bruce Levey, 2022, 105min)


One Shot (Barry Jenkins, 2009, 8min)

Nine To Five (Aaron Katz, 2009, 8min)

One Shot (Joe Swanberg, 2009, 1min)
Straight Hustle (Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie, 2011, 5min)

Nettles And Ivy (Lisandro Alonnso, 2011, 6min)

America (Valérie Massadian, 2013, 7min)

Mighty River ( Keely Kernan, 2020)

Cinema 19 (various, 2020, 42min)

Video Art/Installations 

memory (loss) bank (2012)

Interpretive Site: Hanford Reach (2008, 11min loop) 

Ontology of Absence (2013, 12min loop)

Mimic (2016, 110min loop)

Held Breath (2017, 11min loop)


An Inner Place That Has No Place (2013)

Slow Club (2014)

Sitting Shiva: Mourning For a Recent Past on Capitol Hill (2015)

Q (2019)

(* indicates work in progress)

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