Exhibition History

2018 – Anthology Film Archives (POW WOW), Vancity Theater (Vancouver, BC), Facets Cinematheque (Chicago), International Film Series

             (Boulder), Vancity Theater (Vancouver), Grand Illusion Cinema (Seattle), International House Philadelphia, BFI Flare (London), Encuentros

             del Otro Cine (Quito), Norwegian Documentary Festival, San Francisco Documentary Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, AGLIFF

             (Austin, TX), Anthology Film Archives (TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS), Sound Unseen (Minneapolis), Tranformations (Berlin),

             Scottish Queer International Film Festival (Glasgow)

2017 – New Orleans Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, Union Docs (NYC), Life In Motion Colorado Dance Film Festival, SF Documentary                    Film Festival, Tiny Dance Film Festival (San Francisco), CPH:DOX, Art of The Real (Lincoln Center, New York) 

2016 – Sarasota Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, Northwest Film Forum, Northwest Filmmakers Festival, 

            New Orleans Film Festival, Cellular Cinema (Minneapolis), Tanz medial (Hamburg), Spectral microcinema, 

            Next Dance Cinema, Mar del Plata International Film Festival (Argentina), UnExposed (Durham), 

            Good Thieves Press, Gallery & Studio (Denver), 40 NORTH Dance Film Fest (San Diego), Sans Souci 

            Festival of Dance Cinema (Boulder, CO), Spectral Microcinema 

2015 – Zeitgeist (New Orleans), The Hinterlands (Detroit), Bryant Lake Bowl (Minneapolis), Northwest Film Forum     

            (Seattle), Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, POOL 15 (Berlin), Hedreen Gallery (Seattle), 

            First Person Cinema (Boulder, CO), Local Sightings Film Festival (Seattle), 

            Bogotá Experimental Film Festival, Boulder Natural History Museum, 

            Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema (Boulder), Yellowfish Durational Festival (Seattle)

2014 – Museum of The Moving Image NYC, COCA Seattle, 10 Degrees (Seattle), Spectacle Theater (NYC) 

            Seattle Art Museum, 

2013 – Locarno Film Festival, Viennale, Videology (NYC), International House Philadelphia, Temple University

             Northwest Filmmakers Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Duluth/Superior Film Festival,  

             Hollywood Theater (Portland), 7th Avant Garde Film Festival Athens, Vancouver Film Festival, Festival de 

             Cinema Independent de Barcelona, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival, 

             City Arts Festival (Seattle), Hedreen Gallery (Seattle), 

2012 – Chapel Performance Space (Seattle), Piranha Shop (Seattle), 

2011 – CPH:DOX, Anthology Film Archives, Next Dance Cinema, On The Boards(Seattle), 

2010 – UnionDocs, Trylon Microcinema, 

2008 – Sound Unseen, Knut Krüger (Berlin), Seattle International Film Festival

2007 – International Film Festival Rotterdam, Seattle International Film Festival, Free Sheep Foundation (Seattle)

2006 – Third Eye Cinema

2005 – Walker Art Center, Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival, Works/Plays (Minneapolis), 

            Austin Script Works

2004 – Works/Plays (Minneapolis)